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Do you leave “Change” to chance?

As 2023 starts, businesses are facing some tough times ahead. With inflationary pressures still rife, energy costs at all-time highs, and supply chains under enormous pressures, this inevitably leads to consumer downturns, which in turn puts negative pressure on your … Continue reading


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Where Did “Management Jargon” Come From?

Where Did “Management Jargon” Come From? Management jargon began to explode about the same time as the beginning of the Business School”. It is based largely on seven key words: 1. Solve 2. Projects 3. Problems 4. Management 5. Results … Continue reading

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Between a rock and a hard place?

 Between a rock and a hard place?.

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Between a rock and a hard place?

Recent research has shown us what many already knew of course, is that to listen to your employees and involve them in the company thinking, and improves engagement and performance- pure genius!! The problems start when the myriad of listening … Continue reading

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