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A Killer in our midst

The Invisible Killer I need to alert you that in your organisation, right now, lurks an invisible killer. The killer lurks in your buildings; it feeds on people’s fear; and spreads like a virus, passed from one person to another, … Continue reading

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Where Did “Management Jargon” Come From?

Where Did “Management Jargon” Come From? Management jargon began to explode about the same time as the beginning of the Business School”. It is based largely on seven key words: 1. Solve 2. Projects 3. Problems 4. Management 5. Results … Continue reading

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Just where has 2013 gone already?

It seems, talking to many people that we all feel the same – 2013 has just gone by in a blur. Now I know that the scientific fraternity tell us that time is linear, but with so many people thinking … Continue reading

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