Do you leave “Change” to chance?

As 2023 starts, businesses are facing some tough times ahead. With inflationary pressures still rife, energy costs at all-time highs, and supply chains under enormous pressures, this inevitably leads to consumer downturns, which in turn puts negative pressure on your business turnover, and certainly on profitability

It is, however, a time of great opportunity, for those who have the desire and courage to step up.

During any negative event, such as war, economic recession, exceptionally hard times, then customers habits rapidly change, great innovation happens, and those who ignore these things will go bust or limp into what is called “zombie mode”, surviving but not thriving

Whatever your current position, the pace of change in markets, consumer behaviour, product innovation and the flow of money, will change at an ever-faster pace, compared to pre-2020

Many businesses have already started the planning process, or even started to pivot their business, and are to be congratulated. However, the component parts of substantial change, be they processes, products, or finances, must also include your people

People don’t change behaviours or values that quickly, and can become the stumbling block, the obstacle to positive change, unless you address the issue up front, as part of the design process

You must look around, and notice the strikes that are happening right now, as people want restitution of pay, but also assurance that their working conditions remain unchanged. This is symptomatic of organisations who have not engaged their workforce at an early stage, and are trying to impose changes to working conditions, introduce technology without acceptance, and have met with that great, almost immovable barrier, called human nature

Simply put, they have left change, to chance

As experts conduct process revision maps, conduct feasibility studies on more efficient technologies, or decide to adopt a new business model, it is often left to the HR function and operational managers, to somehow magic up the employee engagement solution, fix the unrest or hesitancy, create productivity and enthusiasm, and pivot the workforce to the desired outcome.

Time to address this issue head on, and create a supportive, engaged workforce at the start of the change. Done right, the whole team will join the company in making changes happen, accepting the outcome, offering ideas and solutions to enhance the outcome, and contribute to the company success

If you want to understand a proven and repeatable framework that can be plugged in to your business, that fully engages all teams, efficiently, quickly and with great energy, then consider Team Action Management™

Proven return on investment at over 100% within 3-4 months, driven by the Directors, delivered by the selected Management Teams, facilitated and knowledge transferred by Webb Associates

For more information and a no-obligation discussion, please contact me, Philip Webb

T:            07711 008350


WWW:  www.tamplc,com


Don’t leave Change to Chance – as it will probably fail


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Accomplished Change Management Leader, delivering Leadership and Change Advisory to Clients ranging from mid sized SME, to public sector. Published author and coach. I have built, grown, sold or floated 6 companies over 32 years providing that experience to our Clients that other providers just read about.
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